Tips on dating a chinese man

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A Chinese friend even told me once that his boss at work said to him: "You are a model for all Chinese men and you take revenge for all Chinese men".I believe that many Chinese men have an inferiority complex. They want to be as tall, as strong, as "handsome"... I personnaly believe that many Chinese men are stronger or more handsome than western men!However most Chinese men would certainly take pride in dating a foreign girlfriend if not for the long run.Some of my Chinese friends who are going out with french girls were congratulated as heros as they came to China with their girlfriend!The situation is similar when talking about western men and Chinese girl. She will show to others that she is with a handsome, supposively rich foreigners (Chinese people believe that foreigners are all rich).I think that in traditionnal China women exist through their husband.This connection will cement the idea that you two really do have things in common and are not so different as society would like you to believe. Do NOT Get Language Lessons - Honestly, this is one of the worst things you can do. In fact, don't assume they even speak Japanese unless they say they do. Don't Make A Big Deal of your Language Skills - Lets pretend you already know how to speak Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese, etc.Regardless of your level of knowledge, avoid making a big deal about it.

Most dating sites are run by people who have no idea about dating and are just telling you what you wish to hear. That’s not only colossally stupid, but also dangerous.It is 1973 and somewhere in Vietnam, Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Fortunate Son” is blaring out of cracked speakers.My parents fled their war-torn homeland and migrated to the land of opportunity so that I and my siblings may have brighter futures, but no matter what kind of back-breaking blood, sweat and beers my parents sacrificed in our names and no matter how guilty they tried to make me feel about not wanting to pursue a professional career, I wouldn’t and couldn’t budge from my creative sensibilities.This usually doesn’t happen in China (mostly because it can’t), and also because Chinese men tend not to spend needlessly. My boyfriend learned the value of a hard earned dollar thanks to his parent’s plight, and thus he also learned how to save it–and more importantly, invest it.Thanks to Richard, I’m investing in stocks and learning more about how to better manage my money.

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